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What are the advantages of using textile slurry?

Source : Baiyan    Date : 2018-03-07    Page views : Loading...

  With the steady development of garment industry, its application material sort is more, the textile printing ink is relatively common, in cotton and linen, cotton, leather, polyester is applicable to a variety of fabrics, such as, and its very safe, even for close-fitting dress, also won't cause any adverse effect to the person's skin.

  Dye in the clothing industry, printing ink have been heavily used, and the process is very simple, and the performance is very stable, even long time sun light, and water will not change, this advantage make it widely used with all kinds of clothing, and through the use of reasonable, with the clothes won't appear large color difference is the case, but also can effectively cover the base.

  Textile printing ink production process has also been gradually update now, its performance has improved, energy saving and environmental protection effect is remarkable, promote widely used in clothing, as long as the use safety of paste, at the time of printing and dyeing, reasonable operation, quickly achieve desired effect, and will not appear decoloring circumstance, tinting strength and hiding power is very good, the texture is more exquisite, make easy coloring, and evenly distributed.

  Because textile printing ink is rubbing, application and clothing, even after the rubbing didn't make its design and color change, performance is very stable, and high color purity, can even use a small amount of color paste printing out strong color of the design, printing on the fabric, will not have any impact to the underlying material or color, has a certain resistance to high temperature performance, clothing in hot water will not cause the phenomenon such as discoloration or mixed color to design, it is because of its many advantages and makes the application range is gradually increasing.